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Beam Elements

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Call us +372 623 0310
Contact us element@framm.ee
Call us +372 623 0310
Contact us element@framm.ee

Beam elements – usually horizontal mainly designed to react to bending moment

According to shape

  • Rectangular
  • Ledged beam
  • Double ledge beam
  • Custom shaped
  • HI-beam

According to reinforcement

  • Regular reinforcement
  • Pre-stress wires

Regural or prestress reinforcement?

The option to choose regular reinforcement or prestress combined with virtually any shape provides the designer multiple options to achieve what’s necessary. Lower overall floor thickness with ledge or double ledge beams. Slim, but efficient prestress beams or HI-beams that can spans up to 24 meters to leave space for production, warehouse or place for physicals activities.


Beam elements are manufactured according to the requirements of the standard EVS-EN 13225 Precast concrete products – Linear structural elements and EVS-EN 13369 Common rules for precast concrete products.