“Veerenni residential district”


AS Framm signed a contract to produce concrete elements for the Veerenni residential area.

Veerenni area is a new park-like city district wrapped in lush greenery in the historically respectable Veerenni, right at the edge of the city centre. Uus-Veerenni is the biggest comprehensive residential development area in central Tallinn. It’s located in the peaceful and private Veerenni area in a logistically perfect location – only a short walk from the heart of the city, close to public transport stops and easy access from Veerenni, Vana-Lõuna and Tehnika streets. Veerenni district will be built in three stages, the first of which will be completed by the end of 2020 and the last by 2022.

In total, it is planned to build about 1,400 new apartments in Uus-Veerenni over the next 10-15 years. In addition, a nice “own village” kindergarten and a business building that enlivens local everyday life. 12 above-ground parts of the building are planned for the first stage of residential buildings, with a total of 137 apartments and 8 commercial premises. Architects Tõnis Tarbe and Johann-Aksel Tarbe have developed the modern architecture of the buildings, which at the same time blends well with the classical environment.