“Estonian Concrete Building of the Year is the building of Estonian Academy of Security Sciences”


On March 11, 2020, ie Concrete Day, the Estonian Concrete Association announced the winners of the competition “Concrete Building of the Year 2019”

This time the Concrete Building of the Year 2019 awarded went to the building of Estonian Academy of Security Sciences.
The main prize, architecture – Arhitekt11 OÜ.
Contractor award: Estonian Academy of Security Sciences
Constructor award: Engineer Project OÜ
Construction award: Nordecon AS
Concrete works award: ERI-Ehitustööd OÜ
Concrete elements award: AS Framm
Owner supervision award: Tallinna Linnaehituse AS.

According to the jury, in the case of the building of Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, not only is there a lot of smooth concrete mold surface exhibited, but the architect has been very creative, skilfully using the effects achievable with concrete elements. High sloping walls (at 5- and 10-degree angles) are constructed of prestressed hollow core panels commonly used in ceilings.

The aesthetically clean concrete shell of the building forms a remarkably strong shield that hides human and soft content.
The chairman of the jury, Aadu Kana, commented on the winning work: “A modern, architecturally high-level, well-functioning study and research building that is energy efficient and economically sustainable to maintain. An interesting architecture has been achieved with simple solutions.”