“AS Framm acquired AS Lasbet Tootmine”


On March 6, 2020 AS Framm, a producer of concrete and concrete products, acquired company AS Lasbet Tootmine, which operates in the same field.

The roots of AS Lasbet Tootmine date back to 1956, when the Tallinn Reinforced Concrete Products Factory started operating. Since the first year of operation, a very wide range of concrete and reinforced concrete products has been manufactured and concrete mixtures have been issued. Throughout the years, the company, regardless of its name, has been one of the largest manufacturers of reinforced concrete structures in Estonia.

For the first time, in March 2020, two manufacturers of concrete elements based on Estonian capital were merged. AS Framm is now the only producer of construction materials, which product portfolio includes precast concrete products such as concrete wall elements and hollow core panels, as well as ready-mixed concrete and pressed products such as paving and masonry stones.

According to Rasmus Kurm, a member of the Management Board of AS Framm, the goal of acquiring AS Lasbet Tootmine is to shape the Estonian concrete market. “With AS Framm, we have been able to set high standards in the Estonian market for the production of concrete elements in terms of quality, efficiency and safety. With the acquisition of AS Lasbet Tootmine, our production volumes will increase significantly. Therefore, we want to set an example for other construction companies,” added Kurm. According to Kurm, AS Framm has been a secure and reliable employer for its employees. “We definitely want it to be for the current employees of AS Lasbet Tootmine,” said Kurm.